Honest Abe

Robert Strand

pennyPerhaps you have heard the story of the time Abraham Lincoln bought something at the country store and the clerk gave him two cents...imagine only two cents...too much change. Young Abe didn't realize the mistake until he had walked two and a half miles home. When he got home and put his change on the dresser, he noticed the extra two cents. Now here's where the story gets to us. Abe didn't keep the extra money. He didn't pretend the mistake didn't really happen. He didn't ignore and think it was too bad for the clerk. He didn't think nobody will notice only two cents short.

NO...he put the two cents back into his pocket and walked the two and a half miles to the store to return the money. Then he walked back home again...five extra miles for only two measly cents! BUT HE RETURNED HOME WITH A CRYSTAL-CLEAR CONSCIENCE!

In today's world...two cents doesn't amount to much. But let's say the counter guy at McDonald's gives you two dollars or even twenty dollars too much in change. When you discover the mistake...what will you do? Will you go out of your way to return the extra...or simply pocket it? Will you think it's their mistake...too bad? Would you walk an extra five miles to return two bucks?

Do people trust you? Do you trust yourself? Temptations to steal or break trust are presented to us almost every day. Has somebody lied to you...stolen from you? Will you trust that person again? Never give anybody a reason to never trust you! Begin now and make it a life-time habit! Honest in all things! Be squeaky clean!

"Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me" (Psalm 119:133).