"Jedi" Worship Is Not Sanctioned!

Robert Strand

cultworshipplaceIn the last British census count...almost 400,000 Brits wrote "Jedi" as being their official faith. However, the "British Office for National Statistics" refused to give sanction making it an official religion in Great Britain.

The story goes like this...the census form asked all of the respondents to fill in a box for the major religions in the United Kingdom. There also was a blank space marked, for "Any other religion." More than 391,000 people filled in the blank with "JEDI" because of an intensive internet campaign telling the Brits to claim the "Star-Wars" related faith as being their religion. There had been a rumor in circulation that if "Jedi" was written at least 10,000 time it would become known as an "official religion." The rumor was a huge lie. There was no truth to this rumor!

However...more English people had claimed "Jedi" as their faith than those who claimed to be Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh in their religious faith!

In this sense...what IS your "faith?" Is it merely a religious system? Is it a belief that has turned into a religious practice? Is it based on a feeling or does it have a solid foundational basis?

Let's really get more personal. What is your faith based on? The teachings of a mortal person or on the eternal Word of God? Is your faith based on evidence that doesn't change with the times? Will it survive the storms of life? Perhaps it's time to take an inventory of your faith.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see!" (Hebrews 11:1)