Teen Escapes With His Head!

Robert Strand

In the Saudi Arabian capital city of Rihadh, nineteen-year-old Jahwi Hussein Qasim Abubakr was convicted of murdering another man. For this crime, under "Sharia" law, he received the death penalty...to be be-headed by a sword in a public execution.

streetsarabnationThe time arrived for this penalty to take place. Abubakr was blindfolded, knelt with head bowed exposing his neck to the executioner. The sword was raised...but never fell! Why? The murder victim's father stood to his feet and publicly offered forgiveness to the guilty Abubakr.

At the very last moment...his life was spared! How?

Saudi Arabia practices Islamic Sharia law. This law allows the family of a murder victim to spare the life of a convicted murderer by an act of forgiveness. (Source: Reuter's news-service)

Forgiveness is absolutely awesome when it is extended to another person! It has the ability to set a person free...in this case from a death sentence. When YOU offer forgiveness to another person who has done you wrong...you set that person free from the bondage of the past, from the penalty for wrong doing and even more exciting...you set yourself free from the burden of taking revenge on another person.

Forgiveness can be expensive! You let another go free from any penalty for their acts against you. It doesn't seem fair. But God, who is willing to forgive you, originated this entire concept. It's so cool because it works every time to heal what can't otherwise be fixed!

" Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors!" (Matthew 6:12).