Dream Big

Robert Strand

rapidswaterfallIn his book, Running The Amazon, Joe Kane, a reporter from San Francisco, California, recounts his dream and how it was fulfilled. His dream was to take a raft trip down the approximately 5,040 kilometer length of the Amazon River. He had been raised in the city and knew nothing about extreme river rafting. He knew less about the river, jungle insects, snakes, Marxist guerrillas, narco-traffickers or paddling techniques to keep the raft upright and moving towards his goal.

He started at the source, a tiny little stream about 17,000 feet high up in the Alps of Peru. It was a six month journey. He writes of his battles with rapids, tumbling through thousand foot gorges, dodging the bullets of terrorists, horrible drinking water, ever present stinging insects, clashes with people along the way, hunger for food without contamination, fear of the unknown especially at night, wild animals and fatigue. All obstacles to be overcome as he paddled the entire Amazon in six months.

Impressive...awesome, even! Obviously Joe was not afraid to dream and not afraid to take risks. His was one of those "impossible" dreams...no one had ever taken this trip because "they" said it couldn't be done. Further he was willing to learn new techniques and overcome obstacles in his way. He tackled the world's most dangerous, largest and longest river!

What about you? Are you willing to dream big dreams for God? Dreams that will challenge you, test your stamina and commitment! Write down a dream...pray about it, share it with someone else, and give it to God!

Jesus...said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God!" (Mark 10:27)