It's The Tongue...stupid!

Robert Strand

THINK! Name a weapon that is more lethal than a nuclear weapon! This weapon has wounded and destroyed more people than any other weapon of destruction. You have one! It's been described as being "evil, full of deadly poison...a fire!"

haveagreatdaysignIt's your tongue and NO this isn't about "French" kissing. This is about what comes out of your mouth. Words are powerful! Words have meaning! Words can build up or destroy. There are at least three things you can do with your tongue.

DESTROY! The Bible says it's a deadly weapon. You can gossip, you can turn it on yourself with negative talk or make nasty, hurting remarks to others.

Marta demeans herself...she says, "I'm ugly. I'm a failure." Yes, she has become all of these things in a self-fulfilling prophecy about herself.

CHANGE! When Cheryl Prewitt was four and five years old she spent time in her dad's country grocery. Every day when the milkman came, he always greeted her with "How's my little Miss America?" She giggled but the idea took root and actually turned into a life goal. In 1980 she became "Miss America!" Positive words were planted and eventually took root in her subconscious. You have the ability to plant such visions in others as well as in yourself.

PRAISE! You have the power to bless others with your words. And more importantly you have the ability to praise the Lord God Almighty...King of kings and Lord of all lords! Before you speak...THINK! Will I build up or tear down?

"If anyone considers themselves religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on their tongue, they deceive themselves and their religion is worthless!" (James 1:26)