A Leg To Stand On

Robert Strand

Lisa Love worked hard and won a spot on the varsity cheer-leading squad of her junior (llth grade) year in high school. About a month later, because of cancer, she had to have her leg amputated above the right knee. Over the summer, she was fitted with a prosthesis and worked hard in her physical therapy sessions and learned to maneuver and walk on it, really well. She sought out her cheer-leader sponsor and persuaded her to agree to let her continue as a cheer-leader. This the sponsor reluctantly agreed with some doubts still remaining...but said, "Okay, let's give it a try."

cheerleaderLisa worked hard on her routines by herself at home and before school started and then joined the other cheer-leaders for the first practice. They were preparing for the first pep rally in the fall football season and all went well.

Then came the first Thursday pep rally. The gym was packed...the squad began their routine. Lisa begins her four step run and into a somersault across the slick gym floor. In the middle of her somersault, her artificial leg came off and skidded across the slick floor...leaving Lisa to stumble on one leg and crash to the floor! She buried her face in her hands and cried...and thought of quitting right then and there.

Instead she motioned for one of her cheer-leading friends to retrieve her leg, and helped put the prosthesis back on. All this in front of the bleachers packed with kids who were stunned into silence. She stood to her feet and motioned she was ready, again. The squad continued their routine...Lisa performed her part of the routine, perfectly, to a rousing, enthusiastic, long standing ovation!

Success in life is the ability to get up one more than you have been knocked down! If you have taken a tumble...are YOU ready to get up, again? All of heaven is ready for your standing ovation!

"Since we are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses...let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us!" (Hebrews 12:1)