The Goal Is The Goal

Robert Strand

Bobby Dodd, the former great football coach of Georgia Tech University, tells the story of a game in which his team was leading by a single point, 7 to 6 with a minute to go. He instructed his quarterback not, NOT, NOT to pass the ball under any conditions! He said, "Whatever you do, hold on to the football and DO NOT PASS THE BALL!"

footballfieldIn the next few seconds of play, Tech moved the ball down the field within ten yards of the goal line. As the quarterback began to execute the next play, with seconds ticking away, he saw an open man, he wanted another score badly, he just couldn't resist and he threw the pass!

As it can happen...the pass was intercepted by an opposing player. This opponent began his 90 yard run to the goal line. The entire Tech team attempted to catch him, but gave up...except the quarterback who had thrown the bad pass. He continued to pursue the other player and somehow overtook him and managed to tackle him causing a fumble which the quarterback recovered just short of their goal line! He saved a sure touchdown and avoided what would have been a heart-breaking loss. This was the last play of the game!

Georgia Tech preserved their victory...7 to 6! After the game, the losing coach said to Coach Dodd, "I'll never understand how your quarterback did what he did."

Dodd explained, "Well, it's actually quite simple...your man was running for a quarterback was running for his life!"

Is it just possible that some important life lessons can be learned from a football game? How about this? Listen and OBEY your coach! His name is Jesus Christ!

"This is love for God: to obey His commands. And His commands are not burdensome!" (I John 5:3).