The Golden Speech

Robert Strand

This is about a very creative and gutsy young lady who gave her speech of "demonstration." The assignment was that each student in "Beginning Speech-101" had to prepare a three to five minute speech based on one of four basic types of speeches.

goldwatchAt any rate, when her speech assignment was to be given, this freshman in college was called to the front to present her speech. She walked to the lectern with a confident stride, turned to face the class, planted her feet...with hands clasped in front and fixed a pleasant look on her face and stood there without speaking a single word for nearly the entire time allotted for her presentation...five minutes!

You can imagine the reactions of the students...they fidgeted, looked at her, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, shuffled their feet, looked out the window, looked at the instructor and all seemed very uncomfortable. The silence was deafening! Everyone, except this gutsy young lady was uncomfortable. The professor didn't know what to do or say...he held the stop-watch in the palm of his hand "timing" her speech. She leveled her gaze at her fellow students and at the professor. She was the only one who seemed to be in control.

Finally, four minutes and forty-five seconds into her five minute "speech" she said only three words: "SILENCE IS GOLDEN!" That was it! That was all! Everyone seemed to be stunned and in shock! By the way...her grade in presenting a "demonstration" type of speech, was an "A"!

Pretty clever young lady! How about using a bit more creativity in your next presentation? You might be surprised at the outcome. And don't forget...more often than not SILENCE CAN REALLY BE GOLDEN!

"Don't pour new wine into old wineskins because it will burst...pour new wine into new wine skins and both are preserved..." (Matthew 9:17)