Kids Go Bald!

Robert Strand

In Oceanside, California, in Mr. Alter's fifth-grade class, it's impossible to tell which boy is undergoing chemotherapy! Nearly all the boys are bald. Thirteen of them had their heads shaved so a sick buddy wouldn't feel out of place.

barbershop"If everybody has their head shaved, sometimes people don't know who's who. They don't know who has cancer and who just shaved their head," said eleven-year-old Scott Sebelius, one of the baldies at Lake Elementary School.

For the record, Ian O'Gorman is the sick one. Doctors removed a malignant tumor from his small intestine and a week later started chemotherapy to treat the disease called "lymphoma".

Ian said, "Besides surgery, I had tubes up my nose. I had butterflies in my stomach." He had eight more weeks of chemo in an effort to keep the cancer from returning. Ian decided to get his head shaved before all his hair would fall out in clumps and to his surprise his friends wanted to join him.

"The last thing he would want is to not fit in, to be made fun of, so we just wanted to make him feel better and not left out," said ten-year-old Kyle Hanslik. Kyle started talking to the other boys and his parents made a list and they all went to the barbershop together. The boys teacher, Jim Alter, was so inspired by their actions that, he too, shaved his head! (Source: AP, News Leader, Springfield, MO)

The Good Book tells us that in order to have friends we must be friendly...FIRST! Do you have any friends that could use some compassionate understanding in their life?

"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother!" (Proverbs 18:24)