How High Can It Fly?

Robert Strand

Do you remember your first helium filled balloon? You clutched it for dear life. It was fun! It always wanted to go up. Then...somehow, it slipped out of your grip and you watched as it went out of sight. Did you ever wonder how high it would fly?

baloonsWe have the answer provided by the "National Scientific Balloon Facility" in Palestine, Texas. That little latex balloon would reach approximately 18,000 feet! The helium would have expanded to about 80% more than original volume and burst the balloon. Would you like to launch a balloon higher? It can be done with specially designed experimental balloons who can reach 120,000 feet! They have cleverly designed ducts which will vent off the expansion pressure.

What's the difference in these two types of balloons? The childish latex balloon has a limited ability to adapt...the other is designed for expansion. It's much the same in life. Some of us might blow apart with a little pressure while others who have prepared themselves will be able to climb higher because of better preparation in life.

Life holds fabulous possibilities for those who are willing to make the necessary preparations. Nobody plans to fail...especially when looking at life through young eyes.

Based on life insurance industry statistics, you can study 100 people who are now in their late teens and look ahead to age 65 and make these predictions: 1 of them will end up independently wealthy; 4 will have enough money to live comfortably; 5 will still be working to earn a living; 36 will have died and 54 will be dependent on family, friends or a government agency for their living at retirement age.

"Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize..." (Philippians 3:13)!