The World's Greatest Heavy-weight Fight!

Robert Strand

boxingringIn one corner is the world's undisputed heavy-weight champion of all time...he's over nine feet tall weighing more than 300 pounds! In the other corner is a teen, well trained and prepared, stepping into the ring for his very first heavy-weight brawl...the story of the tape? He's about 5'-6" tall and weighs almost 150 pounds!

The giant is well protected in armor from head to foot with a shield, sword and spear...the outweighed teen has no armor but is armed with a sling shot and five stones. You can hear the echoes of raucous, mocking laughter coming from the giant's side of the valley...while from the other is shocked, dead silence. The odds are more than 500 to one with the giant easily winning. What kind of a fight can this possibly be?

It's a familiar story...David versus Goliath! The stakes are unbelievably high...the future and destiny of two nations are being fought for. It's a winner take all. It was win or become enslaved!

But there's a nugget of truth often overlooked...David caught the essence of this battle, he saw the big picture! "The battle is the Lords" was his victory cry! David knew he couldn't fail...the giant knew he couldn't be defeated!

David with his slingshot, aimed at the only vulnerable spot on this giant, a patch about 4" by 6" of the giant's forehead. How many hours in practice had David spent with his slingshot? He knew his weapon and its accuracy and took his best shot! Goliath trusted in his size and skills...David trusted in God and with a single stone and defeated the giant! This is your battle plan when you face your next giant!

"The battle is the Lord's, and He will give all of you into our hands!" (I Samuel 17:45).