Pearl Dust

Robert Strand

It's an old legend...a wealthy king entered a room to where his aides had been summoned and he carried a gorgeous, breath-takingly beautiful pearl on a small velvet pillow. He went to his first servant, "What do you think this pearl is worth?"

pearlnecklaceHe replied, "Oh, sire, many trunkfuls of gold."

"Then smash it!" the king said.

He replied, "It would be an insult to the king to destroy such a beautiful pearl."

The king moved to the second of his aides, "How much is this pearl worth?"

"One cannot put a price tag on such a beautiful pearl as this."

"Then smash it!" the king said.

He went around the table...each staff member refused to smash it. He stopped in front of the sixth man, a humble laborer who had been promoted to this position because of a favor done to the king. "How much is this pearl worth?"

This servant replied, "More gold than I have ever seen in my lifetime."

"Then smash it!" the kind said.

This servant took the pearl...placed in on a rock, took another rock and instantly and smashed it into worthless gray colored dust.

"The man is mad!" shouted others in the room.

The man who had smashed the pearl held up his hand for silence and said, "Which is of greater value? A costly pearl or obedience to the king's command?"

Could it be...that...any disobedience to our King of All Kings commands are the result of giving "things" higher value than obedience to His Word?

"If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land; but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured..." (Isaiah 1:19-20)!