Quick Thinking

Robert Strand

It happened on Saturday, January 17, 1990, Carrie Heiman and a bunch of friends were hiking on a snow-covered hillside in the "Angeles National Forest" when an avalanche swept them off their feet. Frantically they grabbed for trees, branches, even each other...anything that could keep them from being buried in the cascading wall of snow. Carrie was quickly buried in what promised to be an icy grave.

snowonmountainThe survivors did a quick count and were one short, Carrie was nowhere in sight! They began digging, shouting for her to answer while others ran for help. Soon there were eighty students and fifteen chaperones racing against time to find her. The area's professional ski patrol rescue team arrived about twenty minutes later and began leading a thorough search. Nearly ninety-minutes later, after searching with long poles, a step at a time, a ski patrol near the top shouted, "We found her! She's conscious!" She was dug out and rushed to a nearby hospital. She was treated for frostbite on her toes...and amazingly, was quickly released from the hospital in great shape.

How had she survived? She later explained how she had avoided suffocation. She described being tumbled in the snow while she kept her hands on her face. Before the snow piled its massive weight tightly on her, she had quickly pushed her hands in front of her face as far as she could. This created a pocket of air to breathe in until she was found and rescued. This was the difference between life and death!

Would you have been prepared to handle this disaster as Carrie did? Perhaps it's time to dig deeper into God's Word because it's as vital to your relationship to Jesus Christ as oxygen is to your lungs.

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you" (Psalm 119:11)!