Do You Ever Pray?

Robert Strand

Do you ever pray? I mean at times when you are not in a difficult situation and you think prayer is the only thing you can know "emergencies" praying. Do you pray on a regular basis or even on a daily basis? Absolutely...prayer is for teens, too! What happens when you pray? Consider the following:

  • manprayingoutsidewhitebuildingTHROUGH prayer there is no problem that can't be solved, no sickness that can't be healed, no burden that can't be lifted!
  • THROUGH prayer there is no storm that can't be weathered, no devastation that can't be relieved and no sorrow that can't be erased!
  • THROUGH prayer there is no poverty cycle that can't be broken, no sinner that can't be saved and no fallen persons that can't be lifted!
  • THROUGH prayer there is no hurt that can't be removed, no broken relationship that can't be mended and no differences that can't be mended!
  • THROUGH prayer there is no hindrance that can't be removed, no limitation that can't be assaulted, no mourning, no sadness that can't be comforted!
  • THROUGH prayer there are no ashes that can't become beautiful, no thirst that can't be quenched and no hunger that can't be filled!
  • THROUGH prayer there is no desert that can't blossom, no church that can't be revived, no community that can't be Christianized and no nation that can't be changed!

Prayer...try it, you might like it! You might discover that it is the answer to ALL OF YOUR LIFE NEEDS! Pray in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer...with thanksgiving present your requests to God" (Philippians 4:6)!