He Plays Ball With No Legs!

Robert Strand

People all over America as well as some people world-wide have been touched by the story of 12-year-old Kacey McCallister. Despite losing both legs at the hip when he was run over by a truck six years ago, he plays basketball and baseball!

basketballcourtemptyAfter hearing about his story, a "Little League" team in North Carolina dedicated their entire season to him and his honor.

A Colorado teacher invited him to give a "never-give-up" pep talk to the high-schoolers in his school.

After a talk, disabled Boy Scouts in Georgia were inspired by him and the accomplishments of his life.

Kacey after losing both his legs manages to play basketball and baseball by scooting along in a gym or outdoors on a baseball field by pulling and propelling himself with his two perfectly good hands and arms.

The calls, e-mails and letters to his house have come from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, California and overseas. And these are just some of the places Kacey's mom could think off the top of her head.

All of this attention has come after local newspapers and then nationwide newspapers and other news outlets published an AP (Associated Press) story along with photos. As a response to all this attention, the 12-year-old Kacey smiled and said, "It's cool. It's a lot of inspiration!" (SOURCE:       Associated Press)

Where are you getting your life inspiration from? When I read this story, I really have nothing more to complain about.

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13)!