Using Your Talents

Robert Strand

All of Europe experienced the devastation of Adolph Hitler. During this time, "Heinz" was an 11-year-old Jewish boy who lived in the Bavarian town of Furth in the 1930s. When Hitler's brown shirts and SS troopers came to occupy the village it changed everything...Heinz's dad lost his job as school teacher. The streets of Furth became part of the battlegrounds.

boylookingoverwaterThe people were terrorized by the "Hitler Youth" who were always looking to make trouble. The young Heinz, always on the alert,  managed to avoid these thugs.

One day, Heinz had a face-to-face with one of these bullies. It seemed inevitable that he would  be given a brutal beating as had happened to his friends. But on this day, Heinz walked away without so much a single punch being thrown. How? He used his persuasive skills, his logical thinking, and his language skills to convince his attacker that a fight was not necessary. This you should would not be the last time this young Jewish boy would be a peacemaker in Hitler-occupied Europe.

Soon after, his family managed to escape to America and safety. It was here that young Heinz would make his influence felt. In his education, he became known for his skills as a peacemaker. After his schooling...these skills were to be applied on a worldwide basis. This young boy grew up to be honored in America as well as the rest of the world. Today we know him as Henry Kissinger!

What talents do you have that could change this world for the better? At least all of us could begin by planting seeds of peace so that eventually we would harvest goodness!

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons and daughters of God" (Matthew 5:9)!