Are We Too Up-tight?

Robert Strand

With what is currently happening...random shootings, shootings in schools and other acts of violence against people, just maybe we are more uptight than we think.

hospitalbuildingThis happened in the Leake County area of Mississippi: On a hot summer afternoon, a lady went to buy her groceries. She placed her grocery sacks in the back seat of her car. Then, remembering some things she needed from a large box store, she locked her car and went to finish her shopping.

Later, she came back to her car, started the engine and began her drive home. As she drove down the highway, to her horror, she hear three large POP, POP, POPS, then she felt something hit her on the back of her head! Holding one hand over the wound, she managed to drive herself to the emergency of the local hospital. She squealed to a stop, jumped out, screaming for help: "I'VE BEEN SHOT, I'VE BEEN SHOT!"   She got immediate attention!

In the examination room, the doctor said, "Please move your hand so I can see your wound!"

The woman answered, "I can't! My brains will fall out!"

Finally, the doctor convinced her to let him examine the wound. As she slowly removed her hand from the back of her head, the doctor discovered that, yes, she had been hit in the back of her head by biscuit dough...CANNED BISCUIT DOUGH!

After much laughter and relief, the doctor noted he had seen a lot of "wounds" in his career...but never one inflicted by biscuit dough! Aside from acute embarrassment, the lady was sent home unharmed.

THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: Be careful but don't get uptight!

"God has called us to live in peace!" (I Corinthians 7:15)