Hit A Home Run For Johnny

Robert Strand

When he was thirteen, Johnny Sylvester got kicked in the head by a horse. The wound on his forehead got badly infected and he was hospitalized. The doctors told his parents the sad news that there was no hope...Johnny would soon die!

heartratevitalsJohnny, however, had one last wish which he told his parents and the medical staff in the hospital: "I wish I could see Babe Ruth wallop a homer before I die."

So a telegram was sent to the great slugger and the New York Yankees. And the "Babe" sent back a telegram in which he promised to hit a homer just for Johnny in the next game...and that Johnny should be listening on the radio to hear it happen.

Johnny Sylvester, almost overnight became one of the most famous teens in baseball history. The newspapers of the day picked up this story, the radio news services featured this story. Did Babe Ruth hit a homer for Johnny in the next game?

NO! He actually hit three homers in that particular game! And to top it all off, the great slugger, a few days later, made a personal visit to Johnny in the hospital. It was quite a story. It was an event broadcast everywhere!

Well...let's hear the rest of this story. Were the doctors right? YES, Johnny did die. It happened in January, 1990! Johnny was 74 years-old when he died! 

How long do you plan on living? You are probably not planning on dying very soon. But, there's a problem. None of us knows when we will die...it happens to young and old. The best we can do is to be ready to die at any time and doing the necessary preparations ahead of our death! Most importantly is making peace with God!

"Mankind is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment" (Hebrews 9:27)!