Robert Strand

The following letter was written by "Bruce" from his prison cell:

Dear Pardon/Parole Committee:

prisoncellsI was a compulsive liar who started young. Although my parents did all they could to stop it. I kept lying. My problem was trying to impress people. My life never seemed glamorous enough. Here is a short history of what happens to a liar.

I went through school lying to my friends, trying to look like a big shot. When I got out of high school, I had no friends, so I started to look for new ones. By then lying was a way of life. In order to support the lies I needed more money that I had so I wrote checks I couldn't cover. I also impersonated a naval officer and a businessman.

My wife found out that I had totally misrepresented myself and invented friends and businesses I never had. She left me. The same thing happened with my second wife. I decided I had to change. Shortly after I married my third wife, I went to prison for passing bad checks. She divorced me while I was in prison.

This advice is for the kid who lies. Please think about the future. A lie not only hurts you, but it poisons all your relationships. I'll get out of prison some day and when I do I vow to tell the truth. I'm 26 years old and by the time I'm 50, I will have built a good reputation. A kind teacher once told me that a person's word is worth more than gold. It's too bad that it took me so long to wake up to that fact.

IF YOU ARE A LIAR...stop while you still have friends. I hope my letter will help somebody who is where I was about 15 years ago.

                                                                  Bruce M. in Stillwater State Prison

Pretty sobering when we see a lifetime reduced to a tragic letter like this. If you're not a liar...don't start! If you are a liar...repent and stop!

"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor!" (Exodus 20:16).