The Kissing Fish

Robert Strand

In the coral reefs of the Caribbean lives a small fish known as the "Kissing Fish." It's only about two to three inches long. It's bright blue and quick and fun to watch. Most fascinating is its kiss. It's not uncommon to see two of these fish with lips pressed together and their fins thrashing. They give the appearance of a serious underwater romance.

fishnexttoeachotherYou would think a fish like this would warm the heart of any aquarium lover's delight. They look energetic, vivid, illuminant and affectionate. BUT looks are deceiving. For what appears to be a gentle friend in the sea is actually a pint-sized bully of the sea.

Ferociously territorial, the Kissing Fish has laid claim to its camp and wants NO visitors. His square foot of coral is his and no one else's. He found it, he staked it out and he wants no one of his own kind near it!

Challenge his boundaries and he'll take you, jaw to jaw. What appears to be a tryst is actually underwater martial arts. Mouth pushing, lip-locking, literal jaw-boning, and power moves with the tongue!

Does this sound funny? Does this sound familiar? We sure don't have to go scuba diving in the Caribbean to see this kind of a power struggle! Mouth-to-mouth manipulation is not limited to the Caribbean! Simply watch people around you, watch on TV, listen to a blog, send a twitter, read your e-mails, check out the people in your school! Kissing Fish aren't the first critters to use their mouth to make their point!

The tongue is a deadly weapon! Be careful how you use yours! How are you defending your territory? How about this? A GENTLE ANSWER TURNS AWAY WRATH!

"My brothers, take note of this: EVERYONE should be quick to listen, slow to and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires" (James 1:19).