God Is Greatest!

Robert Strand

mannexttocrossGod is greater than all the superlative statements of supremacy ever shared. No far-reaching telescope can bring into focus the shoreline of His unlimited supply. No deep-digging dredge can discover the depth of His determination to deliver you. YOU CAN TRUST HIM!

He doesn't need me and He doesn't need you. He stands alone on the solitary pinnacle of His omnipotence. He is enduringly strong and He is entirely sincere. He is eternally steadfast and He is impartial...impartially merciful. He is unparalleled and unprecedented. He is unique and inescapable. He is the cornerstone of all civilization. He is the central doctrine of all truth-ology. He is God's Son, our Savior...and YOU CAN TRUST HIM!

He can meet all your needs and He can do it simultaneously. He gives you hope when you are hopeless, help when you are helpless, peace when you are in pain, strength when you struggle, rest when you're restless and courage when you cry! He sees and sympathizes. He guards and He guides. He heals the sick, cleanses the leper, sets the captives free and forgives sinners! He's the Master of the masters, the Captain of the conquerors, the Head of the heroes and the Leader of legislators. He's the Governor of the governors, the Prince of Peace, the Prince of all princes! He is the King of all kings! I'm telling you...YOU CAN TRUST HIM!

I tell you...you can't outlive Him; you can't live without Him! Pilate couldn't stop Him, Herod couldn't kill Him, death couldn't handle Him and praise God...the grave couldn't hold Him. He is alive forevermore and forevermore YOU CAN TRUST HIM!

(Taken from a sermon preached by Dr. Shadrach Lockridge)

"I am the ALPHA and the OMEGA," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the ALMIGHTY!" (Revelation 1:8).