Cross Over The Bridge

Robert Strand

David Whyte tells an interesting story about hiking with a group of older teens in the Himalayas mountains. David, studied the maps and decided to do a three-day trek on his own and would meet the rest of the group at a specific bridge in three days. He had the experience of a he slowly made his way to the bridge.

bridgeropesBUT when he arrived at the bridge, he was stunned! The chains that held the bridge were in disrepair; many boards were missing or broken. This rickety bridge was hanging 400 feet over the valley below. He was afraid to cross it...but what to do now?

He looks at his maps and discovered there was no close alternative bridge around this gorge. It was either this bridge...and a possibility of death...or retrace his three-day walk and miss meeting with the other members of his team.

As he was groaning with indecision, an elderly mountain woman walked into the clearing carrying a heavy sack. She had been collecting the dry dung which she would use to build fires in her home. She greeting him with a simple word, "Nimaste," the Indian word for "Hello." Without waiting for an answer, she without a pause, walked across the bridge to the other side. David, inspired by her walk...jumped up, with no more hesitation and followed her across!

When Jesus Christ died, was buried and resurrected on the third day...He showed us how to cross the rickety bridge of death! He walked it before us and crossed it with no fact He did it without a worry, He even made it look easy! Confidence in facing death comes because of our hope in Jesus, the risen God of our faith! You, then can also give this hope to others who may fear death!

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for YOU are with me..." (Psalm 23:4).