The Frog Who Could

Robert Strand

frogThere once was a convention of frogs who had a cross-country running meet. The goal was to reach the top of this mountain. A huge crowd had gathered to watch this race and cheer on the competition.

But the race began...but there was no one in the crowd who believed any of the frogs would manage to climb this mountain. Shouts were coming from the crowd: "This run is too tough for little frogs!" Or "this is an impossible climb." And "it can't be done!" There was no encouragement from the crowd...nothing but negative comments.

THEN, the frogs began collapsing and dropping out from exhaustion...except for the few with a steady run. Some went through the "wall" and caught a fresh burst of energy. But the crowd was still yelling, "This is impossible! No one will make it to the finish line!"

More frogs gave up...became exhausted. BUT there was one tiny frog who continued to climb higher and higher...this one did not give up!

This frog crossed the finish line....the only one to finish this race. He never gave up and put out the effort. He was the winner.

All the other frogs wanted to know the secret of how this frog had managed to finish the race and become the winner. Another frog asked this little frog how he had managed to find the strength to succeed and reach the goal. It turned out...the winning frog was DEAF! He could not hear the shouts of discouragement! His so-called "handicap" turned out to be the advantage! SUCCESS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FAILURE TURNED INSIDE OUT!

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13).