What Handicap?

Robert Strand


Jeff Resler finally began to realize he was "disabled" and considered to be a "handicapped" person. By that realization, it was already too late! Instead of crying and whining about his situation and asking "Where's the rest of me?" He said, "I guess He (God) just didn't make all of me."

Resler, a 6'-2", 260 pound left-guard for the University of Oklahoma football team has been without the use of his left hand since birth. He was born with a malformed and diseased left hand and it was amputated when he was seven-days-old to avoid infection.

As far as he is concerned, it's more an inconvenience than a handicap. Talk about golfing? He beats his dad with the help of his 280-yard-drives! Want to talk about baseball? He played on a Little League team until junior high. Well, what about the sport of wrestling? He make the varsity team in his sophomore year. How about competing in the track event of tossing the shot put? He became the State high school champion with a throw of 59'-6"! What about football? He did well in High school and in his college career he was named "Second Team All-Big-Eight."

Everyone Has Obstacles

All of us have something negative in our life which must be dealt with? How will you handle adversity or problems or even a physical handicap? It likely will be as big as you make it. Life is lived in overcoming obstacles, dealing with difficulties, achieving in spite of a problem. It's not that we should be praying to rid your life of some of these tough things...how about praying to be a stronger person?

When Jeff Resler looks back on his life, he reflects on his life and what he has accomplished and he says, "It never occurred to me that I couldn't!"

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13)!