Angel At An Abortion Clinic

Robert Strand


The Bible tells us that all of us...everyone of us have been "wonderfully made" as a testimony to a God that loves every human being! What about the babies who are never born but aborted? Think of the millions of potential babies that have been aborted cutting their life short. Do you think God loves them, too?

A few months before he was born, his mother, Cecily was sitting in a Liberian abortion clinic waiting to abort her unborn child. She was under demands from her child's father to abort the child. She was taken into the "operating" room waiting for the abortion to take place.

God Intervenes

It was at this point that an anonymous lady walked into this operating room and commanded her, "Get up. You are not going to abort this child!"

This anonymous lady helped Cecily get off the table, picked up her clothes, helped dress her and walked her outside and sat her down on the curb. When Cecily looked up...this lady who had been so forceful simply disappeared. To this day Cecily is convinced this anonymous visitor was an angel sent from God.

What about the child who almost was aborted? His name is Thomas Tapeh (tuh-Pay), who at age 9 migrated to St. Paul, Minnesota where he was introduced to the American game of football. With 3 years of experience, he made the USA TODAY second-team All-American honors and was later named the "Minnesota State Player-of- the-Year!" He played football at the University of Minnesota and was selected by the Philadelphia "Eagles" and later, also played with the Minnesota Vikings!

Have you thanked your mother for giving you life and letting you be born?!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" (Jeremiah 1:5)!