Be Decisive!

Robert Strand

This world seems to be made up of at least three classes of people: THOSE who make things happen; THOSE who watch things happen; and THOSE who don't know that something has happened.

There's an interesting anecdote from the dramatic story of General Curtis LeMay. The story goes that the General was making an inspection in the old plane described as "the flying boxcar." Making his way through the plane he was carelessly puffing on his ever present cigar.oldplane

A young officer, a lieutenant, who was freshly out of flying school angrily approached another officer to complain bitterly: "What's the matter with that old fool? Doesn't he know this aircraft is a firetrap? It could blow up!"

To which the other more mature officer calmly replied, "It wouldn't dare!"

Making the Tough Decisions

Have you noticed in our world we have too many weak-willed, wimpy, spineless people? Really it's quite refreshing to find people of a strong will, people who are decisive, people who are determined!

It's people who can make intelligent decisions who also can make good, positive things happen! I believe this is one ingredient of the people who make this world go round. It's a common trait.

How do you make good decisions? By making bad decisions. Life can teach us how by a tough process of trial and error. But don't let the errors overwhelm you. Try again...only this time try harder! Our world is looking for many more decisive young people! Be one of them!

"Simply let your 'yes' be 'yes,' and your 'no,' 'NO;' anything beyond this comes from the evil one" (Matthew 5:37)!