August 27 - Psalms 146-150

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 146-150

THINK: Where do like to praise God? Keep in mind that true praise and worship to the Lord will not be confined to a church sanctuary. Truly honoring God involves much more than just singing songs or voicing praise during a worship service. Authentic, godly worship is a way of life that honors God and reflects His greatness in every aspect of life. So as much as you may be inspired and refreshed from great times of worship in church, make sure that when you leave the service, your praise to God doesn't stop.

RESPOND: What is unique about how each of the Psalms 146 through 150 begins and ends, and how does this bring the entire book of Psalms to a fitting climax? (See 146-150 note.) Why shouldn't we ultimately put our trust in human leaders (146:3-4)? Why is it "pleasant and fitting to praise him [God]" (147:1)? According to 147:6, who does the Lord sustain, and why? (See 147:6 note.) In what way does inanimate creation "praise" God (148:1-7)? When referring to God's faithful people, what does 1:6 mean when it says, "May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands"? (See 1:6 note.) How does praising God and promoting His kingdom require opposing Satan's kingdom? (See 1:6 note, subpoint 1.) How can we prepare for and participate in this spiritual warfare? Why and in what way is praise a powerful weapon against spiritual enemies? (See 1:6 note, subpoint 2.) According to Psalm 150, where, why, and how is God to be praised, and from whom is praise to come? In what ways can you take authentic praise outside of church so you honor God in every aspect of life?

PRAY: Take time to worship God for who He is and to praise Him for what He's done for you personally. Use any needs or requests you have as reasons and occasions to praise and thank Him for what He's doing and will do to honor himself and accomplish His purposes through these situations.

ACT: Praise God wherever you are and in whatever you do today-in words, attitudes and actions. Be particularly aware of praise as an effective spiritual weapon by praising God in the face of your toughest situations and challenges. Then let God's presence inspire faith and strength to prevail.


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