August 25 - Psalms 139-141

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 139-141

THINK: What sets God apart from everything He's made-everything that exists? While the distinctions in His actions, abilities and attributes are infinite, there are some over-arching characteristics unique to God-traits that nothing and no one else possesses. These include His omnipresence (He's everywhere at the same time), His omniscience (He knows everything), His omnipotence (He's all-powerful) and His holiness (complete purity, perfection and separation from evil). Yet, even though He's infinitely greater and higher than anything and everything He's created, God is also intensely personal, interacting with us and caring for us in a special and loving way.

RESPOND: How does it feel to be completely known by God? (See 139:1-6 note.) How does the fact that God's presence is everywhere affect your life (139:7-12)? What does 139:13-16 tell you about human life-when it begins and how God views and values it? (See 139:13 note.) What does 139:16-18 tell you about God's purpose for your life? (See 139:16 note.) What kinds of thoughts do you think God has about you, and why? (See 139:17 note.) In what way did David share God's attitude toward evil? (See 139:21 note.) Why did David ask God to search him, and how is this an example to us? (See 139:23-24 note.) What must we do if this search reveals anything offensive? What example does David's prayer for protection (Psalm 140) set for us? (See 140:1-13 note.) Why did David ask God to "set a guard over" his mouth (141:3)? Why and in what ways do we need to guard our words and conversations? Why are people's hearts drawn toward evil (141:4), and how can you guard against this in your life? (See 141:4 note.) Why is discipline and correction from a righteous person a good and kind thing? (See 141:5 note.)

PRAY: Give thanks for God's care and purpose in your life and His gracious thoughts toward you. Ask Him to search your heart to reveal any hidden sin, improper attitudes or ungodly tendencies so you can confess them and receive forgiveness.

ACT: Make any changes necessary depending on what God reveals as He searches your life. Be especially careful to please and honor God in your words and conversations. Constantly look for reasons and occasions to praise God for His actions and attributes. Read the article on The Attributes of God, p. 786 in the FBSE.


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