July 27 Psalms 42-44

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 42-44

THINK: Have you ever been really thirsty-so desperately dry that your swollen tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth and your parched lips peeled in pain? Okay, you've probably never been that thirsty, but you know what it's like to crave liquid refreshment. But do you ever get a spiritual craving like that? Your spirit needs the life and refreshment of God's Spirit more than your body needs water. Many people have a spiritual thirst but don't know how to satisfy it. They wonder if God is the answer, but they don't know where to find Him. Could it be that they don't see enough evidence of God in those who claim to know Him? Perhaps if Christ's followers got more thirsty for God's presence and power, then those who don't know God wouldn't be wondering where He is or if He can satisfy.

RESPOND: Who were "the Sons of Korah" mentioned in the title of Psalm 42? (See ch. 42 title note.) In what way are God and His presence like water to your life? What does it mean to thirst for God, and how can you satisfy that thirst? (See 42:2 note.) What happens to a person who stops thirsting for God? (See 42:2 note, subpoint 1.) What can you do to maintain a thirst for God? Why do you think people were asking, "Where is your God?" (42:3), and why would this question trouble the psalm writer? How does the psalm writer find encouragement (42:5,11)? Why are people who are faithfully desperate for God's presence sometimes "downcast," and what will they do in such times? (See 42:6 note.) How do you think the writer felt when hearing about what God did long ago (44:1)? Why is the writer confused about his people being humiliated and suffering defeat? (See 44:9 note.) What's one of the reasons that faithful people sometimes suffer? (See 44:22 note.) What hope do you have through such times?

PRAY: Ask God to give you a greater thirst for His presence and power and a greater passion to satisfy that thirst through time in prayer and God's Word.

ACT: Whenever you stop for a physical drink during the day, take a moment to consider your level of spiritual thirst, and pray that God will satisfy it. If you are physically able to do so, fast a meal in the next day or two. That is, abstain from food for the purpose of giving greater time and attention to prayer and spiritual concerns.


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