July 12 - Job 32-35

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Job 32-35

THINK: People don't always get what they deserve in this life. That's a hard fact to accept. Those who trust the Lord, work hard, treat others right may still experience unimaginable difficulties. At the same time, individuals without regard for God or others may experience a life of ease without being held accountable for their actions-or so it may seem. While this brief lifetime will never contain the full consequence or reward for our actions, God's justice prevails in the end. Thankfully, His judgment isn't based solely on our actions-good or bad-though we'll give account for what we've done. The issue is your relationship with Jesus. If you've admitted your sin, accepted God's forgiveness and entrusted your life to Christ, you won't get what you deserve on judgment day. Rather than being condemned to eternity apart from Him, you'll enjoy the reward of everlasting life in His presence.

RESPOND: Why was Elihu angry at Job, but also at Job's three friends (32:2-3)? What did Elihu see as the source of wisdom (32:8-9), and did this mean that everything he said was wise or accurate? Why or why not? (See 32:8 note.) In what way did Elihu also misunderstand Job's claims? (See 33:9 note.) In what ways was Elihu correct in his views of God, and in what ways was he not? Though Elihu also misunderstood the reason for Job's suffering, how was Elihu correct about how God deals with people's sin? (See 33:27 note.) Why doesn't God give us what our sins deserve? In his passion to defend God, how did Elihu fail to recognize the source of Job's suffering and the motive behind Job's complaint? (See 34:37 note.) How was Elihu mistaken about how people's behavior affects God? (See 35:6 note.) Although our actions can't add or detract from God's perfect character, how does our sin affect Him and how does our faithfulness and obedience affect Him? (See 35:6 note, subpoints 1 & 2.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you grow in true wisdom from His Word. Give thanks for His grace and mercy in not giving you what your sins deserve. Praise Jesus for His joy, made available to you through a personal relationship with God.

ACT: Is there a chance you've been overconfident in assessing someone's actions or motives, misjudging him or her in the process? Or have you possibly come across as arrogant or ungracious in defending your faith or talking to someone about God? In either case, give the other person the benefit of the doubt and apologize for your attitude or assumption. This could help heal a relationship or even open the door to further share your faith.


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