June 24 - Nehemiah 1-3

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Nehemiah 1-3

THINK: Think of a time when you were deciding whether to get involved in a certain activity or take on a specific responsibility. Perhaps it was a basketball tryout, a musical audition, a new ministry or a part-time job. There was likely an element of uncertainty. You might have wondered if you were making the best choice, if it would be worth the effort or what difficulties you would encounter. But if you talked to God and settled the issue with Him, you had peace. Nehemiah gave up a comfortable job in the Persian palace to move to a war ravaged land and begin the painstaking process of rebuilding Jerusalem's wall. Though he was prepared for difficulty and opposition, Nehemiah was enthusiastic because he knew he was fulfilling God's plan. And nothing-or nobody-was going to stop him.

RESPOND: Who was Nehemiah? (See 1:1 note.) What did he do after hearing about the disgraceful conditions back in Jerusalem (1:3), and why? (See 1:4 note.) What did Nehemiah's prayer (1:5-11) reveal about his attitude and sense of responsibility toward God, himself and other people? Who was "this man" (1:11), and why did Nehemiah pray for favor with him? (See 1:11 note.) Why did Nehemiah pray again before responding to the king, and what can you learn from this? (See 2:4 note.) What can you do to be ready to step through open doors the Lord provides? What did Nehemiah recognize as the reason the king granted his requests? (See 2:8 note.) Why did Nehemiah inspect the situation as he did (2:11-16)? (See 2:12 note.) Why is it important to have a plan before embarking on a project? How is the ridicule from Sanballat and Tobiah similar to what many Christians face? (See 2:19 note.) Why was Nehemiah confident of success? (See 2:20 note.) In chapter 3, what do you notice about the variety of people involved in rebuilding the wall, and how is this like ministry in the church? Why did it make sense for people to rebuild portions of the wall near their homes, and how does this illustrate one of the ways we must serve God?

PRAY: Ask God to give you sensitivity and compassion for hurting people and troubling situations that you could do something about with His help. Ask God to help you serve Him effectively right where you are.

ACT: Are you involved in a task, ministry or purpose that could be more effective with help, backing or clearance from another source-perhaps outside of church? Ask for God's guidance in approaching the appropriate person- such as a school administrator or community official-with your request for help or permission to serve. Be conscious of how your attitudes, conversations and actions reflect on Christ wherever you are.


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