June 18 - 2 Chronicles 33-34

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Chronicles 33-34

THINK: What are you going to do when you grow up? No doubt it's been a while since you've considered that question. But life is a series of transitions, and perhaps you don't feel that you've discovered the answer yet. Serving God is a journey, and we never fully "arrive" on this side of eternity. Regardless of your age, there's still time for new adventures and pursuits. Don't wait to get serious about something God is still calling you to do. Take hold of it today. Some of the greatest things in history have been instigated or accomplished by people in their youth. Ask God to help you reform your world, challenging others to follow Him and leading the way by example.

RESPOND: What influences did Manasseh follow that led him to do evil (33:2)? How is this a warning to us today? How did God show mercy to Manasseh, and why did it take such extreme circumstances to turn the king around (33:10-13)? What does Manasseh's life demonstrate about God's mercy? (See 33:13 note.) How old was Josiah when he began to seek the Lord, and when did he begin to spiritually "cleanse" Judah (34:3)? Why does God often use young people to spark spiritual revival in churches, communities and nations? How did Josiah respond to the reading of God's law, and why (34:19-21)? What message did the prophetess Huldah send to Josiah about the nation? (See 34:24 note.) What message did she have for Josiah personally (34:26-28)? What's the connection between spiritual revival and God's Word? (See 34:30 note.) After renewing their devotion to God, how did the people live for the rest of Josiah's life (34:33)? What does this indicate about the potential influence of a godly leader?

PRAY: Ask God to help you avoid and resist the ungodly influences that are constantly pressing in around you. Pray that you'll always respond obediently to God's Word. Give Jesus thanks for His mercy and forgiveness.

ACT: If you don't do so already, carry your Bible throughout the day and read it during free times. Make a deliberate effort to immediately apply what you learn, and trust God to open doors of spiritual conversation as a result. Also, let God reveal a way that you can instigate spiritual renewal right where you are. Volunteer to pray for people's needs. Invite someone to church. Do a school project on a spiritual theme. Or help start a new ministry.


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