June 12 - 2 Chronicles 16-19

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Chronicles 16-19

THINK: God is looking for something. Perhaps you have it. It's a heart that's fully devoted to Him (16:9). Many people claim to be completely committed, yet their affections are divided between God and the world-between God's way and their own-between what's convenient and what takes faith. Such half-hearted commitments aren't likely to endure because they aren't based on total surrender to God. A commitment like that may start out with apparent passion and purpose, but if not nurtured and cultivated by time with God and persistent obedience to His Word, it will tend to topple when faced with trouble or temptation. Like many of Judah's kings-even some good ones-don't take your faith for granted. No matter what other options you may have, keep depending on God above all else.

RESPOND: What did Asa do differently toward the end of his reign compared to the beginning, and why? (See 16:7 note.) What signs of spiritual decline can you see in Asa's life? (See 16:7 note, subpoints 2 & 3.) Why is it often easy to rely on people and things rather than God, and what are some consequences of doing so? What is God looking for, and what does He do when He finds it? (See 16:9 first note.) What's the difference between "those whose hearts are fully committed to him" and those who are not? (See 16:9 second note.) Why would people who know the benefits of trusting God refuse to do so (16:12)? Why is it vital to teach God's Word, and what affects can this have on people? (See 17:9 note.) What ultimately happens to spiritual movements or beliefs that aren't firmly based on God's Word? Why is it wise to seek God's counsel even when you feel certain of something on your own (18:4)? What godly advice did Jehoshaphat give his judges, and how does it relate to you (19:6-9)?

PRAY: Ask God to help you remain faithful and fully devoted to Him for the long run. Pray that you don't rely on other people or things in place of God. Seek His counsel regarding something you are about to do.

ACT: Is your dependence on God declining? Are you trusting your own abilities and trying to accomplish things without God. If you're relying on anyone or anything rather than God for satisfaction, success or security, ask God to forgive you for forgetting Him. Then start looking to Him as your sole Source. While God can use many things and work through other people to help you fulfill His plans for your life, He expects you to trust Him above all else.


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