January 27 - Exodus 13-14

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Exodus 13-14

THINK: How do you usually react in a crisis-like Moses or like the rest of the Israelites? Like many people, do you see impending doom and tend to panic or lash out in blame? Or do you recognize God's presence, power and ability to rescue you regardless of how hopeless the situation appears? Whether or not Moses had any idea what was about to happen, He trusted God's command to "move on" (14:15). If your faith is unflappable when your back is against a wall and the enemy is closing in, God can do a miracle for you, too. While it may appear that you are about to drown in difficulties, God is able to part the waters and bring you safely through to the other side.

RESPOND: Why did God command the Israelites to dedicate all of their firstborn to Him? (See 13:2 not.) What's the significance of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and why were there such strict regulations regarding the removal of yeast from homes during Passover week? (See 12:17 and 13:7 notes.) What was the symbolism behind these restrictions? Why do you think God revealed His presence through such distinct signs as the pillar of cloud and fire? (See 13:21 and 14:19-20 notes.) What do you think it means that God hardened Pharaoh's heart (14:4,8,17), and how did this happen? (See 7:3 note.) Why do you think the Israelites were so quick to turn on Moses and complain about their situation when pursued by the Egyptian army (14:10-12)? Though God assured the Israelites that He would fight for them, what did He still expect His people to do? (See 14:14 note.) What facts about the parting of the sea distinctly contradict those who question the supernatural origin of this miracle? (See 14:22 and 14:28 notes.) How have your faith and reverence for God been inspired by the accounts in His word and His activity in your life?

PRAY: Give thanks for God's constant presence, protection and guidance.

ACT: Without hesitation, remove anything from your life or possession that is hindering your relationship with God or inhibiting your pursuit of His highest purposes for your life. Take this step before you expect God to reveal any further answers or guidance regarding your current situations.


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