January 9 - Genesis 23-24

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Genesis 23-24

THINK: Remember when you were a kid, just starting to assert your independence? You wanted to do things on your own. You wanted to make your own choices. Yet it seemed that someone always insisted on telling you what to do. Back then, you couldn't wait for the day when you could decide everything for yourself. Well, now that you're almost there, do you sometimes wish that you didn't have as much responsibility? Believe it or not, the day will come when you'll wish that someone could make the tough choices for you. Rest assured, no matter how old you are or how much responsibility you have, God's Spirit will always be there to guide your decisions. He already knows what's best and what He has in store for you. As you rely on Him, you can be confident that you're making right choices.

RESPOND: What is significant about the plot of land Abraham acquired to bury his wife, Sarah? (See 23:20 note.) In what way does this demonstrate how Abraham was looking beyond his lifetime as he trusted God to fulfill His promise? Why was it important to Abraham that his son, Isaac, not marry a Canaanite woman? (See 24:3 note.) Why did Abraham insist that Isaac not return to Abraham's original homeland? Although Abraham's servant was following godly instructions, why did he still feel it necessary to pray for guidance? (See 24:12 note.) When God answered, how did the servant respond (cf. vv. 26,27,48), and what can you learn from this example? What would the servant be able to discern about a young woman who was willing to give water to the camels as well as to the travelers? (See 24:14 note.) How would you describe the faith and trust demonstrated by Rebekah?

PRAY: Consider one or two significant decisions you must make in the near future and ask God to guide your choices. Thank Him for His continual guidance and protection and for recent answers to prayer.

ACT: Consciously seek and respond to God's guidance today, particularly regarding the choices and decisions you make. If you sense that He has already told you to make a certain decision, but you have put it off to this point, take action and follow God's direction without hesitation.


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