January 3 - Genesis 6-8

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Genesis 6-8

THINK: What comes to mind when you consider Noah and the ark? Few Bible characters have received more playful attention than Noah. He and his merry menagerie routinely show up on such things as greeting cards, rugs, towels, and baby furniture. Even those who haven't been exposed to a lot of Bible teaching have probably seen an artist's portrayal of a grinning Noah standing in a boat surrounded by pairs of monkeys, giraffes, and lions. Yet, in spite of the way it's often portrayed, Noah's experience wasn't cute or funny. The Flood was a tragic result of humanity's rejection of God and His standards. Sadly, the world that Noah left behind when he entered the ark looks a lot like the world we live in today. Thankfully, God has provided an Ark of safety for those who boldly endure the ridicule of society, obediently respond to God's Word and humbly put their trust in Jesus Christ.

RESPOND: Why does wickedness increase when people who know God's standards begin to compromise in their relationships with ungodly people? (See 6:2 note.) Why do people have such a strong tendency to drift from God and defy His standards? How is this evident in society today? (See 6:5 note.) Why was God "grieved" (6:6), and what does this indicate about His character? (See 6:6 note.) How should knowing that sin grieves God affect the way you live? In what ways did Noah stand out from people around him, and how was he able to do so? (See 6:9 note.) How did Noah demonstrate great faith, and how did God respond? (See 6:18 note.) How is this similar to what God did for us through Jesus? (See 6:14 note.) What aspects of God's character are revealed by the flood and by the ark? (See 7:6 note.) In what way did the flood depict both judgment and salvation? (See 7:23 note.) How does the account of Noah inspire your faith in God? (See 8:1 note.)

PRAY: Give Jesus thanks for being the ultimate Ark of safety and rescue from the consequences and judgment of sin. Pray for those you know who still need to enter a personal relationship with Jesus.

ACT: Is God asking you to do something that may seem odd or ridiculous to others? Trust Him for strength to obey and for insight and diligence to complete the task. As you do, don't hesitate to talk with those who question your actions, helping them recognize their opportunity to respond to God and enter the Ark of a relationship with Christ.


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