Foam on the Water

At first, the citizens of Princeton, New Jersey, would not allow any stone to be put up in memory at the grave of Aaron Burr. However, a man sneaked in one night, and put up a stone with just his name on it.

And yet, Aaron Burr had once been within one vote of the presidency of the United States. He died unwept, unsung, and unmentioned, except for ridicule. Why?

pencilWhile attending Princeton, a spiritual awakening came. He became stirred, and went to the president of the university, and asked him what he should do about it. The president advised him to wait till the emotions died down, and then settle it.

He never did, but neglected it instead, and thereby, said no to Christ. Later, he defiantly said, “Let me alone, Christ, and I’ll let you alone.”

Sadly, in midcareer, confused and deceived, he said, “I’m afraid He let me alone.”Aaron Burr became his own god, a completely self-centered man.

Provoked into a duel with Alexander Hamilton, he killed him, and was so repudiated by his countrymen that he fled to Europe – a man without a country – and worse, tried to destroy the country which he could have served as president.

The Cost of Rebellion

Because of his rebellion and selfishness, he only destroyed himself!

Job 24:18 speaks of the life and destiny of the wicked. The NET Bible says it is “like foam on the water.”

John Wesley explains, “He quickly passeth away with all his glory, as the waters which never stay in one place, but are always hastening away.”

“Until a man has found God, he begins at no beginning, and works to no end.” 

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center