Whishers and Woulders

      A few years ago, the shrimp boats that fished in the waters off St. Augustine, Florida, moved to another location. People were perplexed lighthousesuddenly to find hundreds of sea gulls dead on the beaches. The cause was a mystery, until it was discovered that the gulls were accustomed to feeding from the unwanted shrimp cast overboard from the boats and they had forgotten how to fish for themselves. The gulls had forsaken self-sufficiency for the easy life. 1

     Hebrews 12:15 warns to be diligent “lest anyone fall short.” To “fall short” means “to come late,” speaking of slothfulness and procrastination. It also means “to be behind.” 2 Due to slothfulness and procrastination, it is possible to miss what God has promised.

In his Treasury of David, Spurgeon stated, “The old proverb says ‘Wishers and woulders are never good housekeepers,’ and ‘wishing never fills a sack.’ Desires are seeds which must be sown in the good soil of activity, or they will yield no harvest. We shall find our desires to be like clouds without rain, unless followed by practical endeavors.” 3

     The story is told that a student once wrote Henry Ward Beecher asking the great preacher “for an easy assignment.” To this student, Mr. Beecher replied, “Young man, you cannot be an editor; do not try the law; do not think of the ministry; let alone all ships and merchandise; abhor politics; don’t practice medicine; be not a farmer, a soldier, or a sailor; don’t study; don’t think. None of these is easy. Oh, my son, you have come into a hard world. I know of only one easy place in it and that is in the grave!” 4

  “A creative mess is better than tidy idleness” (Chuck Swindoll). 5

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