When You're Faced with a Busy Day

There is a parable about a spider which looked for a place in which to build its web. He found an ideal spot. He anchored the web across the top of a great rock; then he swung out and down. It was a fine location. Hunting was good, and soon the spider became fat and forgetful.

One day, as he proudly looked over his web, he asked himself, “Where does that thread go that extends up and over the rock? I can’t see it. It doesn’t seem to have a useful purpose.” So, forgetting this was the anchor thread on which the web was suspended, he foolishly cut the anchor thread. His little world crashed at once.

A president of a Bible College added about prayer and personal time with God, “Have you forgotten that the tie that binds you to the Rock of Ages is all-important? Cut that bond, and all is lost!”2

Acts 3:1 tells us, “Now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer.” Though they had been filled with the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, they still were aware of their need of prayer. 

A minister confessed that he learned a great lesson one Saturday night when he was kept so busy doing other things, that he forgot to gas up. It was dark before he realized his tank was dangerously empty. He had no choice but to forget the other plans he’d made for the night, and go out in search of gasoline.

Fortunately, he found a station. Even though he had to wait for several minutes, he was glad to wait his turn. He learned that it is never a waste of time to pull into a service station and fuel up before he is close to empty.

Further, it is never a waste of time to sharpen the ax before you have to chop some wood.

Likewise, it is never a waste of time to converse with God for strength and communion with Him.

“When you’re faced with a busy day, save precious time by skipping your devotions.
Signed, Satan.”4 


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