When the Savior came to Earth

008-shepherds-angels   “Christ is the Bible’s fullness, the Bible’s center, the Bible’s fascination. It is all about Jesus – in the Old Testament. The Old Testament conceals promises, pictures, prophesies, localizes, and symbolizes Christ. The New Testament reveals, unfolds, presents, produces, proclaims, universalizes, and sacrifices Christ.

Yes, the Old Testament and New Testament alike tell of Jesus, the great Fact of history, the great Force of history, the great Future of history. Of this book, it can truly be said, ‘The Glory of God does lighten it, and the Lamb of God is the Light thereof!’

The name of Jesus, the Supreme Personality, the center of a world’s desire, is on every page – in expression, or symbol, or prophecy, or psalm, or proverb. Take Jesus out of the Bible – and it is like taking calcium out of lime, carbon out of diamonds, truth out of history, matter out of physics, and mind out of metaphysics, numbers out of mathematics, cause and effect out of philosophy.

Through this book, the name of Jesus, the Revealed, the Redeeming, the Risen, the Reigning, the Returning Lord, runs like a line of glimmering light. The thought of Jesus, the Desire of all nations, threads this great book like a crystal river winds its way through a continent.”1

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

A Chinese woman was preaching Christ to the scholar of a market town, in the market place. He heard her courteously, and, after a little while, said, “Madam, you speak well, but why do you dwell on Jesus Christ? Let Him alone, and tell us about God.” Whereas she replied, “What, sir, should we know about God if it were not for Jesus Christ?” 2

“When Satan entered human life, he took the form of a serpent, and his question was, “Yes, hath God said?” When the Savior came to earth, He took the form of a servant, and His answer in life and teaching was, “Yea, God HATH said.” 3


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