When God is Enough

   Hudson Taylor was so feeble, in the closing months of his life, that he wrote a dear friend, “I am so weak I cannot work; I cannot read my Bible; I cannot even pray. I can only lie still in God’s arms, like a little child, and trust.” This man of God was reminding us that often this is all God asks of us when growing tired in days of difficulty. Not to try and be strong, but just be still. 1

   David wrote, “Truly my soul silently waits for God” (Psalm 62:1). The Hebrew word for “silently” means “resting, expecting, and reflecting,” speaking of being drained of self-help efforts and completely dependent on God, for Him, and Him alone, to rescue us.2

John Cotton, the old Puritan, used to say, “As long as there is wiggle left in you, you are not ready.” 3

“Shadows are faithless, and the rocks are false;

No trust in brass, no trust in marble walls;

Poor cots are e’en as safe as princes’ halls.

Great God! There is not safety here below;

Thou art my fortress, Thou that seem’st my foe,

‘Tis Thou, that strik’st the stroke, must guard the blow.

Thou art my God, by Thee I fall or stand;

Thy grace hath giv’n me courage to withstand

All tortures, but my conscience and Thy hand.

I know Thy justice is Thyself; I know,

Just God, Thy very self is mercy, too;

If not to Thee, where, whither shall I go?” 4

   “When you have nothing left but God, you begin to learn that God is enough.” 5


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