Touched by an Angel

Billy Graham wrote, “My wife, who was born and raised in China, recalls that in her childhood days tigers lived in the mountains. Tigress

One day, a poor woman went up to the foothills to cut grass. To her back was tied a baby, and a little child walked beside her. In her hand, she carried a sharp sickle to cut grass. Just as she reached the top of a hill, she heard a roar. Frightened almost speechless, she looked around to see a mother tigress springing at her, followed by two cubs.

This illiterate Chinese mother had never attended school or entered a church. She had never read a Bible. But a year or so earlier, a missionary had told her about Jesus, ‘who is able to help you in trouble.’

As the claws of the tigress tore her arm and shoulder, the woman cried out in a frenzy, ‘Oh Jesus, help me!’ This ferocious beast, instead of attacking again to get an easy meal, suddenly turned and ran way.

The Bible says, ‘He will give His angels charge over you, to guard you in all your ways’ (Psalm 91:11). Had God sent an angel to help this poor ignorant Chinese woman?”1

   In 1 Kings 19:5, we read, “Suddenly an angel touched him.” Elijah was weary, fearful, and discouraged. Instead of rebuking and scolding him, though, God sent an angel to assist and strengthen him.

"Suddenly an angel"

It was an angel which ‘shut the lions’ mouths” when Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den (Daniel 6:22). Angels carried the soul of the beggar into “Abraham’s bosom” (Luke 16:22). It was an angel which visited Peter in prison, removed the chains from his hands, caused the iron gate of the city to open, and delivered him from his enemies (Acts 12).

   “The empire of angels is as vast as God’s creation. If you believe the Bible, you believe in their ministry.”


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