The Will to Prepare

When Michigan played Wisconsin in basketball early in the 1989 season, Rumeal Robinson, of Michigan, stepped to the foul basketball-hoop-clipart-free-clipart-bestline for two shots late in the fourth quarter.

His team trailed by only one point, so he had a good opportunity of regaining the lead for his team. However, he missed both shots, which then allowed Wisconsin to upset the favored Michigan.

Rumeal felt awful about costing his team the game, and realized he needed to be better prepared. After each practice for the remainder of the season, he shot an extra 100 foul shots. Rumeal was then prepared, when he stepped to the foul line, to shoot two shots with three seconds left in overtime in the national championship game. He made both shots, and Michigan won the national championship! 1

Saul was chosen to be the first king of Israel.

When he failed, God rejected him, and chose another to take his place. David was chosen from among eight sons. God told Samuel, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!” (1 Samuel 16:12).

However, David waited twenty years to wear the crown. These were years of preparation – years of persecution and waiting – that David was willing to submit to, and when he did wear the crown, he became Israel’s greatest king.

“The will to win, is not nearly important as the will to prepare to win.” 2

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