The Vigor of Faith

Robert Louis Stevenson advised, “Set loosely in the saddle of life.”1Southern Plantation

A woman in the deep South was asked by her boss why she was so happy.

“Wall, I’ll tell you,” she replied. “Ah ain’t got no money to lose, so ah never worries about losin’ none. Ah ain’t got no furniture to lose, for ah gave it to the Lord, and if anythin’ happens to it, the Lord did it to His own stuff, not mine. Ah has a fine, healthy body, but if ah gets sick and dies, ah’m goin’ to Heaven, and you don’t think ah’ll worry about that, do you?”2

Psalm 125:1 declares, “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion.”

Spurgeon commented, “Some people are like the sand – ever shifting and treacherous. Some are like the sea – restless and unsettled. Some are like the wind – uncertain and inconstant. Believers are like a mountain – strong, stable, and secure.”3

In the 1800’s, a wild storm was raging around a prairie home. The windows were blown in, and no lights could be kept burning. The mother, grandmother, and three children sat in the darkness in a room on the sheltered side of the house, fearing that at any moment it might be swept from its foundation.

Suddenly, eleven-year-old Walter was missed.

He had been holding a whispered conversation with his grandmother a few minutes before.

Frantic with fear, the mother called at the top of her voice, but got no answer, and started to grope in the darkness to find him. She found him fast asleep!

When she asked him how he could sleep when they were all in danger, he simply replied,

“Why, Grandma told me God would take care of us, and I thought I might as well go to bed again.”4

“The vigor of faith is the death of anxiety, and the birth of security.”5

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