The Recklessness of Faith

 Don’t overdo it like Larry Walters did in 1982. clusterballoon3

He decided he needed an adventure in his life, so he had a plan. On July 2nd, he rigged up 42 weather balloons to a Sears lawn chair in San Pedro, California.

He sat down in the chair with a pellet gun in his lap. He decided that to make his descent he would shoot balloons, and would drift back to earth.

So, with that in mind, he cut loose his moorings. To Walter’s surprise, he rose very rapidly to 10,000 feet, and was still climbing.

He wasn’t the only one surprised.

An airplane pilot took a second look out the window, and reported to the Control Tower that he was looking at a man sitting in a lawn chair, floating in the sky. Needless to say, the Air Controllers were perplexed.

After a while, Walters decided he needed to get this thing down, so he began shooting balloons. After about 45 minutes, he landed safely at Long Beach.

This bizarre venture landed him a spot on one of the major TV shows. When asked why he did it, he replied, “It was something I had to do…I just couldn’t sit there!” He soon quit his job, and became a Motivational Speaker.1

There are two choices in life.

We can do “something” (though strange as it may be), or we can sit back in fear and do “nothing,” and miss God’s adventure for us.

Hebrews 11:2 states, “By their faith the elders obtained a good report.”

“Obtained” means “to bear witness, to become a testimony.”2 Their unwavering faith in God’s faithfulness became a testimony to their generation.

So, whatever God leads you to do – do it. Don’t just sit there.

“I love the recklessness of faith. First you leap, and then you grow wings” (William Sloane Coffin).

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