The Product of Revelation

PressureA man was dramatically converted to Christ.

Prior to his conversion, he was one of the toughest men around. He had been a boxer while working a regular job. He fought, both outside and inside the ring. However, that all changed when he was born again.

The night when he was transformed, he wept before the Lord, becoming a new creation. He was changed to a gentle, kind, and tender man.The men in his shop noticed the difference.

One man decided to test him.

This worker had been eating peanuts, and as the new convert walked by, this man took a handful of shells and threw them into his face.

The man put his fists down into his pockets, and said, “Thank You, Lord. Thank You Lord, for Your help.”

He walked back by, and the fellow threw another fistful of shells into his face.

This time, he placed his fists even deeper into his pockets, and said, “O, God help me. If he does it again, I’ll drop him out of that fourth-floor window.” But God gave him grace.

He had an occasion to pass his antagonist again.

This time, the man stopped him, and said, “Buddy, why didn’t you swing at me?” God gave him grace.

At that moment, the new believer’s eyes filled with tears. He said, “It’s all different now. I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ. I have met the Lord, and He changed my life.” That is the power of the revelation of God to the human heart.1

Isaiah wrote, “Then it was revealed in my hearing by the Lord of hosts” (22:14).

“Revealed” means “migration.” God’s mind is migrated to man’s. It means “spring,” as God’s mind is like a spring, flowing with divine thoughts.2 

One man, who lost his vision, then was saved, and testified, “God took away my eyes that my soul might see!”3

“God has given you ‘eyes’ in ‘your heart.’ Divine things are seen better by your heart, than by your physical eyes or your mind.”4

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