The Prayer of Faith

jesushealingbartimaeus2528byeustachelesueur25291An old lady, known for her many physical ailments, was told that everything possible had been done for her, and now she must trust the Lord.

She replied with deep dejection, “Has it come to that?”1

James declares, “The prayer of faith will heal the sick” (5:15).

Andrew Murray revealed, “The prayer of faith! Only once does this expression occur in the Bible, and it relates to the healing of the sick.

The Church has adopted this expression, but she hardly ever has recourse to the prayer of faith, but for the sake of obtaining other graces; while according to Scripture, it is especially intended for the healing of the sick.”2

We read in Matthew 9:35, “And Jesus went about…healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”

The word translated “sickness” includes not only physical sickness and bodily weakness, but despondency, discouragement, and lack of energy. Whether it was sickness of mind, body, or spirit, Jesus healed it.

The word “disease” includes not only diseases caused by organisms that attack the body, but diseases caused by sin or evil desires. Jesus healed the whole man. The word “every” here can also mean “every kind of.”3

Andrew Murray added, “It is noteworthy that in several languages these three words, salvation, healing and sanctification, are derived from the same root and present the same fundamental thought (For instance, the German Heil, salvation; Heilung, healing; Heilichung, sanctification). Salvation is the redemption which the Savior has obtained for us; health is the salvation of the body which comes to us from the Divine Healer; and lastly, sanctification reminds us that true salvation and true health consist in being holy as God is holy. Thus, it is in giving health to the body and sanctification to the soul that Jesus is really the Savior of His people.”4

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