The Hand of God

 Morning Muse with Dave Arnold

door-knob-1113681-mThe scribe, Ezra, stated, “So I was encouraged, as the hand of the Lord my God was upon me.” The Hebrew word for “hand” carries with it the idea of assistance1.

In Queens, New York, a woman screamed for help from her eighth-floor apartment window.

She was trapped in her bathroom. The inside knob had fallen off when her two- -year-old child closed the door from the other side. Her other children, ages four and five, were alone in the kitchen, as supper cooked on the stove.

The woman had tried to kick the door open, and shouted for help, but got no response. Her dilemma looked hopeless. Meanwhile, a young man from out of town was visiting the neighborhood that day. From the street below,  he heard the mother’s screams for help. As he waved his hand to get her attention, he shouted,

“I’m coming up to help you!”

Shortly, she heard his voice outside the bathroom door.

“Listen closely,” he said. “Put your fingers in the hole where the knob should be, pull it up, lift the door slightly, and then quickly pull it open.”“I’m coming up to help you!”

The woman followed his instructions, and the door opened. Immediately, she ran to check on her children. Though frightened, their mother’s embrace calmed them.

When all three children were soothed, she turned to the young man, and asked in amazement,

“How could you possibly have known how to get into my apartment, and how did you know how that door opens?”

“I know very well,” he responded with a smile. “I was born here, and lived in this apartment for fifteen years. I know how to get in the front door without a key. And the bathroom knob? It would always fall off, and we learned to open the door just the way I showed you!”2

“This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles” (Psalm 34:6).


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