The Fruit of Personal Rightness with God

WestminsterChapel-20140801044001903On Christmas morning, in 1918, at Westminster Chapel in London, John Henry Jowett (1864 – 1923) an English Congregational clergyman and author. preached a message,

“The Secret of Peace and Good-Will.”

In it, he stated, “Peace is not a detached creation, unrelated to everything else. Peace is bound up with other things, and is entirely dependent on them. Peace is the fruit of certain relations, and if those relations are secured, peace is inevitable.

Listen to a few examples:

‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee’…‘Great peace have they who love Thy law’…‘Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ In each one of these Scripture passages, peace is declared to be not a root, but a fruit, the fruit of personal rightness with God.” 1

In John 14:27, Jesus promised, “Peace I leave with you.”

The sense in which Jesus used the word “peace” denotes harmony which the gospel produces between God and man. It results in composure, rest, and contentment. 2 

One man testified, “I am now an old man, not far from the eternal world. For the first forty-five years of my life, I never had a whim or wish ungratified, but till I was forty-nine years of age, I never knew what peace meant; whereas for twenty-two years since my conversion to God my peace has been like a river.” 3

George Mueller, who believed God every day for large amounts of money to feed, clothe, and educate thousands of orphans, insisted that he was not worn out by worry.

A man said, “I was going up Ashley Hill this morning when I met Mr. Mueller walking towards the city. Had I not known him, I should have said that he was a gentleman of leisure and without care, so quietly did he walk and so peaceful and stately was his demeanor! The twenty-third Psalm seemed written on his face.” 4

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