The Man with Two Faces

Can you imagine a man with two faces? Two Faces

Such a person was very real to the ancient Romans. He had a normal face, and another face on the back of his head. They told their children about him. They put his picture on a coin, and built a temple in his honor.

His name was Janus.

The month, January, was named after him. With his two faces he could look forward and backward at the same time. 1

Of course, no man with two faces ever lived.

Yet, today, many live as though they have two faces…always looking back on past failures, hurts, and disappointments.

They rob themselves of future blessings by focusing on what was before. The past is the past…what was done is done.

Life is a voyage, the human soul a ship.2014 has ended, and a new year, 2015, has begun. We need to do as Paul stated, “…forgetting what lies behind, and straining forward to what lies ahead” (Philippians 3:13).

“Life is a voyage, the human soul a ship. The uncharted seas of the new year lie before us.

It will not be all calm seas and sunny skies.

There will be shoals and reefs and storms. What a comfort it is when the shoals of temptation threaten, the reefs of trouble rise, and the storms of sorrow surround us, to know that Christ is the Captain of our souls and His word the chart of our voyage.”2

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